Macleod Masterclasses cover the entire field of optical coatings from fundamental theory to advanced design synthesis and from basic film microstructure to problems in manufacture. Thin Film Center runs its own courses in Europe and in the United States twice yearly but custom courses are continually given for individual organizations at all levels. Hands-on tutorials in computer-aided coating design are important features of most of the Thin Film Center courses. The primary aim is always the presentation of a firm, logical framework for the subject in the strong belief that success depends on, and follows from, sound fundamental understanding.

In the hands-on tutorials students are encouraged to test and explore the many concepts presented during class lectures as well as topics of particular interest to them. Each student is provided with copy of the Essential Macleod software for use during the course. However, it is not necessary to possess this software to benefit from the courses. The formal course lectures are given by Angus Macleod, author of Thin Film Optical Filters. He has over 35 years' experience in the manufacture, research and teaching of optical coatings. Additional tutors are drawn from experienced Thin Film Center staff with deep and detailed knowledge of thin film problems and especially of computer-aided techniques for solving them.

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Thin Film Design using the Essential Macleod
This three day course helps you to make effective use of the Essential Macleod with detailed information on the tools and techniques contained in the software. more...
Topics in Optical Coatings Video Collection
This is a set of six video introductions to various aspects of optical coatings. It is available on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM for display on your computer. more...
Fundamentals of Optical Coating Design & Analysis
This is a five hour video short course on thin-film fundamentals with accompanying booklet. It is available on DVD-ROM for display on your computer. more...
Optical Coating Design with the Essential Macleod
This book presents a tutorial covering techniques, examples, tips and tricks with the Essential Macleod. more...

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