An indispensable guide to getting the absolute best out of the Essential Macleod software. Authored by Angus Macleod and Christopher Clark, this book is a must-have for every level of design engineer. The newly released edition presents an up to date tutorial covering techniques, examples, tips and tricks with the Essential Macleod. Why do we need this book when a comprehensive and detailed manual is supplied with the software? Learning to use the software from a manual is like learning to speak a language from a dictionary. Rather than telling you what the software does, the book tells you what you can do with the software.
Chapters in the 500-page book are:
  1. Introduction
  2. Optical Coating Fundamentals
  3. A Quick Tour of the Essential Macleod
  4. Features of the Essential Macleod
  5. Setting up a Job in the Essential Macleod
  6. Refinement and Synthesis
  7. The Admittance Diagram and other Tools
  8. Typical Coatings
  9. The Stack
  10. Color in Optical Coatings
  11. Short-Pulse Phenomena in Coatings
  12. Tolerances and Errors
  13. Runsheet and Simulator
  14. Optical Constant Extraction
  15. Reverse Engineering
  16. Stress, Strain, Temperature and Uniformity Tools
  17. How to Write Operations in Function
  18. How to Write Scripts in Function
  19. vStack
  20. Report Generator
  21. A New Project
There are many worked examples in the book, especially in Chapter 8, and the associated Essential Macleod documents are included with the book.Click here for a sample

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