At Thin Film Center we take support very seriously. Our company philosophy is that we are actually selling support. It may be that purchase orders specifically specify a software package, but, in our view, it is the support of the user accompanying the software that is the characteristic of our company. Support extends beyond the simple operation of the software and involves our most senior people. Our role, we strongly believe, is to act as a resource to our customers. If we can help, we will. Technical support is never cut off. And, we have to admit, we really enjoy supporting our customers.
Latest Versions
For updates to the Essential Macleod, please click on Check for Updates in the Help menu of the Essential Macleod.

Each software release is identified using a three number system. The first number is the major version number, the second number is the minor version number and the last number is the revision. About the Essential Macleod in the Help menu will display the software release currently installed on your computer. You can always update to the latest revision number of the major and minor version number of the software currently installed on your computer. Normally this is achieved by using the Check for Updates command. If you cannot download the software from the Essential Macleod, you can click on the appropriate link below to download the patch installer. After the download has completed, run the patch installer to update the software. Always close the Essential Macleod before running the patch installer. If the Essential Macleod is running when you run the patch installer, the update will not be completed until you reboot the computer.

Current Release: 11.11.613

Previous Releases:

11.10.609     11.09.605     11.08.600     11.07.599     11.06.594     11.05.588     11.04.585     11.03.578     11.02.566     11.01.553     11.00.541

Ordering Information

All products and services may be ordered directly from Thin Film Center or from any of our agents. For your convenience we accept payment by American Express, Mastercard and Visa. Please contact us, or our agents for pricing information.

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