Topics in Optical Coatings is a collection of short video introductions to various aspects of optical coatings. Each video is essentially a stand-alone presentation that does not rely on the others except that there are certain conventions and definitions that may be assumed. For that reason the Fundamentals video that deals with basic issues and sets the scene for the other videos is included, at no extra charge, with any combination of the others. Apart from the Fundamentals video there are five videos, varying in length from around half an hour to just under one hour, depending on the topic. They are formatted as *.mov files intended for use on either a PC or an Apple computer.

The new set differs completely from the existing Macleod Masterclass Video and supplements rather than replaces it. The existing set is a coherent linked course covering the primary aspects of thin-film theory and treating especially the use of the admittance diagram where one section follows another in sequence. In this new set, except, perhaps, for the Fundamentals, any selection, in any order is equally good.

The six topics in the complete set are:
  1. Fundamentals: Rather dull but necessary introductions to definitions, sign conventions and related aspects. Running time 30 minutes.

  2. Introduction to Coating Design: A description of many of the fundamental structures we use in our coating designs. Running time 57 minutes.

  3. Basics of Ultrafast: An introduction to short pulse effects and related coating properties. Running time 32 minutes.

  4. Basics of Rugates: What are rugates and how do we design them? Running time 35 minutes.

  5. Topics in n & k extraction: What is n and k extraction? Dielectric layers and pitfalls to avoid. Running time 35 minutes.

  6. Color in coatings: The CIE system of objective color definition and aspects of its use in coatings. Running time 49 minutes.

The topics are available on a single CD or DVD (depending upon the topics ordered)

Click here to see a short excerpt from the lectures. The clip is a 8MB Windows Media file.

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The Instructor
Dr. Angus Macleod has over 200 publications in the field of optics including the book Thin Film Optical Filters. He is Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona and President of Thin Film Center Inc. The SVC recognized his contributions to the vacuum coating industry with the 2002 Nathaniel Sugerman Memorial Award. For his work in education and research he was awarded the 1997 Esther Hoffman Beller medal of the OSA and the Gold Medal of the SPIE in 1987. He has taught courses in optical topics all over the world to classes from one or two to over two hundred. He specializes in teaching techniques for understanding and logical thinking that avoid complicated theory without oversimplification.
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